IT for the web & Images

Todays internet is not only on a desktop at home or business but also on mobile plataforms, social networks and other web friendly technologies developing everday. E3DAI can consolidate and integrate publications to redirect exposure for your business company or personal needs.


IT for Multimedia

With more than 10 years experience in video editing for weddings and 6 times assistant editor for the local tv sport channel RDS. E3DAI will produce, show you how or implament a solution for your needs that fits your budget


IT 3D Animation

Lightwave Generalist 3D Animator 3D Graphics 3D Visualizations Video or Still Computer Genereted Imagery.

Electronic 3D Animated Imagery

will aprroche a creative designe that will accord with the look and feel should you desier to belong.

E3DAI was founded in 2003 after doing sales consulting for a local computer store jbelloc founder of the register for quebecs petit entreprise started to do some web and 3d consulting for clients.
with 8 years of experiences in IT Sales Manager Consulting working at microbytes laval jbelloc has the hardware and software experience to work and designe solution for the everyday evolving clientel...

September 21, 2011

e3dai wordpress goes live new blog for e3dai tech forum visit the link and see the powerfull features of wordpress opensource web solutions...
June 16, 2010

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